The bard is born...

According to the old traditions, the bard will always be reborn on Earth when it needs balance. Through music and enchantment, he evokes ancient powers capable of restorig the Nature. Legendary prophecies say that he will reappear in times of big disasters and great confusion. Then, he will count with an harp whose strings are made of light. With this magical instrument, the bard will make sound the Song of the Spheres. At the gleam of the Sun's Summer/Winter Solstice of 2008, the bard had born again. The human kind will have another chance to defend Gaia, the Earth...The Great Mother of us all!


The old ways are returning...

The old ways are returning. The icy southern wind, that blows across the Earth, are bringing the scent of inevitable changes. You can feel it penetrates, through your nose, into the flesh and bones, up to the depths of your blood. The bard was warned. He is awakening to make his harp sound the music capable to enter into the hardened heart of men. Now is Gaea who calls. And he will do anything, to find, set free and make sound the notes of the Song of the Spheres. He knows that this is the only way to prevent Kroll, master of illusion, from leading humankind toward total annihilation. For that the old ways are returning. It's time to get ready ... and open up our hearts for the changes! Soon ... in the next solstice of summer / winter, we'll release the first volume of The Song of the Spheres: The Bard and the Queen of Ice ...

The first volume of the story is going through the last review. The soundtrack, composed by HI-BRAZIL, is already finished. Appearing entirely in the digital environment, the album presents a new interpretation of classic elements, including philharmonic instruments such as strings, winds, horns and percussion, plus a choir of 24 singers, gently mixed with digital samples and electronic beats. The process of mastering took three months to get done. The whole work started at the end of 2005, with the first drafts of the text. The songs were composed from 2006/8. The 14 tracks of the album were chosen, among more than 30. They reveal the emotional tone captured from certain moments of the story. The work is being released under a Creative Commons license, which means that anyone can download, share content and even collaborate with us. If you want to know how, send us an email: hibrazil@mac.com.


The Song of the Spheres

Good morning! Now that a new Spring is coming rainy and freezing here, at South Hemisphere, we have the pleasure to announce HI-BRAZIL is working at a new musical and literary epic, called A Canção das Esferas (Song of the Spheres is the english title suggested...). The first volume of the story will be released soon, and it tells about a boy, a harp, his love for the Earth and his courage to change the world. HI-BRAZIL is finishing the mastering of the first album, that will be released together with the book.

"Andre and I started to write the book and the tunes of the soundtrack about three years ago", explains Mauricio, from HI-BRAZIL. "But in an organic way, you know? Sometimes the story appeared first, sometimes the melodies of the tunes. Like an incredible puzzle of literary phrases and musical notes. And only now we could fix all the pieces of this first volume. And we are preparing the enchantment that will bring this magic to you".

The first volume of this saga - The Bard and the Lady of Ice, features our hero, Thales ,a 12 years old boy, and his mission to find and make sound seven special notes of this ethereal song, that are hidden in seven different places of the planet, protected by seven powerful guardians. This is the only way to stop Kroll, the terrible Monster of Silence, that is convincing humanity, through the art of illusion, that the music of whole Nature must be silenced until the total emptiness. What means the end for all living beings, including humans. For this challenge, he counts with the help of fantastic beings and good new friends, that will teach him about Nature and its mysteries.

"For many centuries we were conditioned to live out of Nature, although we are indissoluble part of it. Thales is an urban boy, like millions of others, that are somewhere, around the globe, living in little apartments, going to school, doing sports, playing guitar... a typical child that you and I were too, in some point of our lives, with all that curiosity, intuition and sincerity. A moment in your life when your neurons can act more on the right side of the brain, giving you a lack of extra creative power...But, with the time, tutored by the modern educational systems, we learnt that we have to stop dreaming, we have to be put in some place that others choose for us, and then work for them and make money to pay taxes. So, I could tell you that I believe humans are forgetting this wonderful capacity of being natural. But, in some way, it's still there inside...like the notes of the Song of the Spheres".


A Canção das Esferas will be released under a Creative Commons license, what means you'll can read, listen, discuss, borough, offer as a gift for your beloved ones, or everything that don't include profit on it. The collaborative spirit surrounds the intention of this piece and the list of collaborators is growing.

Stay tuned! Soon we'll post fresh news about this project.

A happy Spring for the "Southers" and a beautiful Autumn for the "Northers"...



While the Winter is runing high & dry down here at South Atlantic, HI-BRAZIL and 666rmx guys get pleased with their last neoneural videomusical work. The word Mukha has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It means, accord to The Theosophical Glossary, written by Helena P. Blavatsky, mouth, face; voice, sound; direction; principle; way...

There's an old lady that lives with her daughter in a penthouse that overlooks the bay of a very fastidious town somewhere down the atlantic ocean.

Even in that grey rainy day she decides to put some sparkle in their lives taking a warm cup of coffee at the mall that stands just across the street. Nothing will interfere with her strong desire of exposing herself wearing those white and shining pair of shoes made to be just like the originals - italian made.

Her daughter, bored with herself and everything else, accepts the invitation. She wonders if the owner of the jewelry will finally pay attention on her new pair of boobs. So, despite of the rain and the cold outside, she decides to wear a minimal top over them.
Some minutes later they are all dressed up and ready to go off. They get all the windows and curtains closed, remote controlled obviously, before they take the elevator down to the basement.

Once they reach the floor, they walk talkative around those cars, all of them resembling to each other, and go straight to their huge and comfortable S.U.V.. The old lady starts the engine, shifts to "D" selection, then head to the exit.

Outside the heavy rain and the strong winds make the street a wild place to be. Her daughter lights a cigarrette while they drive safe and dry to the other side. Three minutes later they are parking into that huge mall, absolutely free of humidity on their moussed hair.

One more time, they think that they had deceived Nature...

The coffee is served. The old lady takes a sip, she's so delighted with that exotic taste...While her daughter keep looking at the high ceiling where the rain drops ooze against the glass panels of that modern building.


Earth Intruders - Björk's art revisited by 666 rmx

Hello, amigos! The pleasure is all ours to present to you the new remix from Björk's Earth Intruders, made by 666 rmx crazy but creative guys...In this piece, they used only Björk's voice lead track, and added all other stuff, like the brass section, composed specially for the tune.

"It was funny, because we wanted give to this powerful music a different approach. The original is so definitive that we had to rebuild everything. But we think that the final results achieve a higher ground on this remix, when we found a delicate bridge between Ying and Yang of the song", said "the bear", one of the 666 rmx members. "The creature captured here in this art is found everywhere", said "the lion", another group's member, referring himself to the cover art of this remix. "So, let's move on! It's time to grind the skeptics into the soil!!!", agrees "the leopard", with Björk' statment.

P.S.: This remix doesn't have any commercial purpose. It's a tribute to the artist and her art.


Gibbons/Yorke mixed in a rip

While the winter brings some peaceful moments of déjavus, 666 rmx guys decided to bring some moments of pure joy with this new bootleg remix of Portishead beautiful creation, with the lyrical guitar and ghostly vocals made by Thom Yorke: The Rip. Just click on the cover and bon voyage...


The Winter has come!


At the highest mountains of Unknown
Betula, the Queen, is waiting...
For the bard that is awakening!

Now the shores will be threatened
By the fury of lust desires
Rises a red moon in spring
The beast had born in the fire...

At the desert, he feels sick
With her harp in his hands
He tries to reach southern lands

The twins are with him now
And it knows all his thoughts
But don't know about his love...

Don't know about his love...

Don't know about his love...

(HI-BRAZIL - 2008)


HI-BRAZIL's review on Guerrilha Aberta

Yes, pals! Our musical guerrilla is reaching more and more people in our very luxurious country. Last month, we received a nice review on Guerrilha Aberta, a cool blog about brazilian artists that don't appear at commercial media. Click on the image above to view the full article. It's in portuguese...

Know more about Guerrilha Aberta...


LDTS the singles...pick a cover!

Now you can download the new cover arts for LDTS the singles. They are in number of four: blue, green, yellow and red. And each one represents one particularity of the whole conjuration. Pick one and chose the song of LDTS the singles you think it represents better. Click on each cover and you will discover the default HI-BRAZIL's combination. You can create new combinations, and reinvent the art...

You can pick the full cover arts at internet archive...

LDTS The Singles at youtube

Hello, friends. Now you can listen, while you surf at youtube, the HI-BRAZIL new charm, LTDS The Singles (2008). The sound is monaural, but we hope the site will improve the sound of uploaded videos soon. You can check all of our videos, online, at our channel. If you wanna see them freely with better quality of audio and video, go to our homepage.


LDTS the singles

With the skyline opening between death and life, we present to you the HI-BRAZIL's new enchantment:

Click on the cover to access the singles

track list:

1) Let's do the Samba! the single
2) Venha dançar o samba
3) Maghma the single (video edit)
4) Gargântula the single

The lyrics can be read right from the itunes viewer, they're write on the file...or soon here and at our homepage.

Less than 24 hours to Let's do the Samba! first single release!!!

Hi, pals! We are very excited about the release of the Let's do the Samba! first single. We know that will be four songs in this work, one of them entirely new! It will be sing in portuguese and will tell about Omolu, hunger and sugar cane. The other three are remixes of songs from Let's do the Samba! album. Gargântula, that reached 9.000 downloads at Internet Archive is one of them...

Set your clocks...The release of the single will happen today (may, 1th). Check our blog soon for the new stuff!


Maghma and the earthquake

Good day!

The release of Maghma music video, at brazilian indians day (celebrated seven days ago), was marked by the april, 22 São Vicente earthquake. The april, 22 is a very important date in our country. In 1500, at the same date, the portuguese caravels had come to Brazil. Bringing to the indians all sort of addictions, plagues, diseases and wounds made by fire guns. And to the Earth, big, big scars made by precious stones and gold mining. And, by the other side, bringing to the "discovered" savage lands of Brazil some progress and very comfortable stuff for most of civilized humans, like religion, electricity, cars and pollution. Nowadays the Atlantic Forest, one of the most beautiful and diverse of our hemisphere, is practically dead. Remains less than 3% from entire vegetation and fauna. Many mountains of São Paulo south coast are covered by banana trees. There's no native vegetation anymore. And the natives... well, they are almost totally dead, too. The federal government made the lands demarcation for some tribes but the business men want to take it all! Killing the indians and putting down the trees to plant sugar canes, soybeans and grass for the cows...May this earthquake can be a signal to make us stop for a moment and think about it. We are very solidary to the people injured during this natural event and would like to say that is still hope...if we'd really believe that we can change the world!



Maghma music video is about indians, technology and hope

For you, we present the new video made by 666 rmx for the Maghma tune, from Let's do the Samba! album. It's an extended and brand new version of the song, with some kinda of "voodoo-western trance" in the middle. The word Nhacunhé is a gibberish improvised by Mauricio at first vocal recording takes and this is how it remained at this version. "It's a scream, a war scream", says Mauricio, from HI-BRAZIL.

"It's like, you know, we are indians, our country is the Planet Earth, our tribe is humanity and our religion is the Nature. So, we can't stand anymore with your commandments and stuff and we will spread our scream", explains, with a grin. "There are these genetics stuff, too, that was on my mind on the moment of the recording. They are collecting blood from natives across the world and getting it for themselves through the patents they are requiring over all that genetic information. Because they discovered that native americans has a "particular" genetic code, a very ancient one... The appropriation of all this creation codes is part from Genoma Project".

Meanwhile, at São Vicente, described by Wikipedia as the first Portuguese permanent settlement in the Americas and the first capital of the Captaincy of São Vicente, now the state of São Paulo, there are a tribe of natives that reconquered the right to live at Paranapuã Beach. But the place is an ecological reserve and the native people can't do fish, plant or hunt in the area. So, they are surviving collecting rests of fruits and verdures in open-air markets or then receiving basic nutritional food from the mayor of the city. Now they are involved in cases of alcoholism, violence and suicides. They want to come back to Nature. But the white man don't. And will not give permission to them for it.

São Vicente was established as a proper village in 1532 by Martim Afonso de Sousa on what was then the Porto dos Escravos (port of the slaves), operated by three Portuguese colonists who trafficked on slaves captured by allied tribes, São Vicente is titled Cellula Mater (Mother Cell) of Brazil for being the first organized town in the country. The first City Council of all the Americas was democratically elected and established in São Vicente on August 22, 1532.

So, it's what we had to say at Indians Day. It's time for independence. There's still hope...We'd like to thank the actress, Rosa, for her love and confidence.



Maghma music video at the Indians Day

Hello, friends! The 666 rmx and HI-BRAZIL boys are working hard on production of their new video for the tune Maghma, from Let's do the Samba! album. The music received a brand new extended version and the piece will participate on the Video Indio Brasil 2008 contest, that begins at may, 24. The release of the video will happen at april, 19, a special date for real brazilian people, when we celebrate the Indians Day. You can watch the video at our homepage or our youtube channel.

The storyplay tells about a little indian girl forced to live between captives of a farm in Amazonic Forest. In her pre-adolescence, she was taken away by a couple of colons whose wish was to try better luck at some big city and she knows for the first time the horrors and sadness of the "civilized" way of life. She learned new things, forgot many others. But, in her interior, still was that little simple girl that could know by heart the flavor of juicy fruits taken right of the branches of the trees, and the secrets of the healing herbs.

The years gone by and Rosa, this way called by the couple that "adopted" her, had joined - not without some struggle - to the new reality that was revealed. She get married, had children and grandchildren and, as a modern and urban woman, started to live surrounded by electronic machines and technological gadgets. And then she felt solitude. Laptops, ipods, monitors and cellulars became her new companions and to them she gave the names that she used to call the little forest animals that sometimes did come to play with her, during the happy years living on farm.

A certain day, while she was preparing a special herbs infusion, known only by her, she received an unexpected video chat call. Curious and fearless, she accepted the invite to chat with the mysterious guy that was waiting at the other side of the liquid crystal screen of her laptop. From this moment on, her life would be change in a radical way once more. And, this time, for ever...


Rosetta pixels and bytes

The 3 guys from 666 rmx just can't stop working with all this sun around. It's some kind of joyful restless pleasure...And now they want to share it with you...C'mon, HI-BRAZIL, it's time for Rosetta's pixels and bytes!

P.S.: You can watch our videos at our youtube channel.


Autumn leaves........ Rosetta is coming!

autumn leaves, yes!! even here you might see the slow kiss of the winter

bringing the direction straight to rosetta.

new video will be released soon!
and some goodies too :P

666rmx :.

p.s.: ctrl+click to save the desktop :)


Putz! music video

Hello, youtubers!!! From this very moment on, Putz! music video is available on HI-BRAZIL's website and youtube, too! This art is about intruders, resistance and freedom! Any similarity with some colonialist stuff cannot be considered as a coincidence...


Lyrics and translation

Hi, pals! At the HI-BRAZIL's official site is now possible read the lyrics and translation of the songs from Let's do the Samba! album.