"Listen to Pindorama" Campaign

Hello friends!

We've started today, in our social media, a series of special posts idealised for the "Listen to Pindorama" Campaign. The first of the series we are posting here for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Do as Mr. Gilberto. Listen to Pindorama!!!


"O muro" music video is just released

"A wall is a solid structure used to separate or protect any room."

Source: Wikipedia.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the new HI-BRAZIL's music video, created for the track "O muro" (The wall), composed for the album "Pindorama", released last November. Both the video and the full album can be heard and downloaded for free and without sharing limits, thanks to the use of flexible licenses offered by Creative Commons organization.

And you? How many walls you've dropped - or raised - today?

"O Muro"
Álbum: "Pindorama"


New year, new music video

2015 arrived and we welcome the new year with a new music video. "The wall" is track #6 on the album "Pindorama", released in November, and it was chosen for this work. The song talks about the Oblivious that raises walls and the Consciousness that knocks them down, in cycles that repeat themselves. 

The music video will be released next week, on January 15, on our YouTube channel. Listen to "The Wall" on SoundCloud:


Pindorama Release on November, 1st

Hello, friends! After the fiasco of the World Cup 2014 and on the verge of one of the most horrifying elections in Brazil's history, we invite everyone to the release of the new HI-BRAZIL album: PINDORAMA! It will be available on November, 1st, on our YouTube channel and our SoundCloud profile.


New digital album

Hello, friends!

After the release of Hinário (Hymnal), many interesting things happened. And they were preponderant for the creative explosion that took account of the HI-BRAZIL boys in the new digital album which is being prepared in their studio. Wait! Soon we will post more details about the new digital work. Meanwhile, how about remembering some of the previous work of the group?


HI-BRAZIL + World Cup Brazil 2014 = HINÁRIO



Eu fui torturado, meu País, massacrado. 
Vilipendiado, explorado. Recursos, esgotados. 
Mas aí eu visto minha camisa (verde e amarelo). 
Pra esquecer que meus bens estão no prelo. 
E torço por um time que faz do esporte um trabalho. 
Enquanto o meu dinheiro  e minha saúde
Vão pra casa do cara (do) alho...

Sou brasileiro! (Eiro! Eiro!)
Sou brasileira! (Eira! Eira!)
Sem eira nem beira!
Moro numa pirambeira
E vivo na pindaíba
Bebo óleo de copaíba
E coliforme que cai no mar
E me alimento de besteira!
E a bola segue certeira
E no fim da canseira
Tem a Taça pra segurar...


Gran Finale

In the beginning there was nothing
From nothing the everything exploded
Displacement of waves
Navigation, however
Cosmo, aspiration
With wings took ​​the heavens
Pursued the king of stars
Behind, the bread and the circus
And the islanders
The sun swallows him
And, in the end,
Smiling ...

Cantor Convidado/Featuring: Fábio Alves



The boy, the kite and the rainbow

On a beach not far away, a boy tilts his kite
He ran from one side to another, trying to keep the kite on foot
Around him, distant people, a world with no color
There were buildings on one side and, on the other, the ocean
All gray
Against Blue
When among the clouds was made something
Kite turned aim
Then he saw the colors, tearing the sky in a tone of love
He looked at the kite and realized
That it was tilting backwards.


AK1 - L'Operetta Della Morte

Non soffre! Il mondo è troppo bello!!!

Plastisebus baueris...


AK1 YouTube Playlist

You do not have Quicktime? Still uses Windows PC? Do not know how to access the SoundCloud? No problem ... we have created a playlist with the new album on our YouTube channel. It's just to click "play".

AK1 on SoundCloud

You do not have Quicktime? Still uses Windows PC? Then access AK1, the new album by HI-BRAZIL on our Soundcloudchannel.


A gift in this Solstice: AK1

The forces of the Solstice can be felt everywhere. The Wheel of the Year has turned once more ... and with that comes the certainty that we are all connected to a Higher Power, called Nature. While we have just channeled for the computer keyboard the second volume of the series The Song of the Spheres, we offer a gift to all our friends and collaborators. The soundtrack of the upcoming book, the continuation of the story: AK1.

Thales, the "bearer of the flame of courage," was only 12 when Bétula, the Lady of Icy Lands, urged him for a mission ... finding and learn to play with a harp made ​​of light, seven musical notes of the Song of the Spheres. A Holy song, capable of arousing men to their dormant state and selfishness and thus rebalance the forces of nature on Earth.

He knows he does not have much time to complete his mission. Hatred spreads around the globe like a virus, bringing all sorts of impure desires.Thales deceiving knows that the humans to spread that hatred is the mission of Kroll, the terrible monster of Silence. Like Thales, Kroll knows that every living being has within himself a musical note which vibrates, sonorous. This note is the sum of the frequency of vibration of all molecules in our bodies. Kroll also knows that all living beings, when their notes join in harmony, they do sound a song that is able to ascend to higher dimensions.Therefore, it is called The Song of the Spheres.

Launched in 2008, the first volume of the book, along with the soundtrack, revealed Thales's desire to fulfill its mission . His strength, courage and determination to face the dangers that challenged him. In AK1, Thales will face the worst enemy with which they could be faced: his own inclination to evil.

Accept this gift ... download the songs, share with your friends and family. The second volume of The Song of the Spheres will be released soon. But if you have not read the first volume, accept our offer as a gift this Solstice. The download, in PDF, is free. And it can be shared with everyone!

Download now the soundtrack for The Song of The Spheres Vol.2

And here you can download the first volume of

And also of 


AK1: debut in 21-12-2011

In the next December 21th, the new album of HI-BRAZIL, AK1, will debut on the Internet. AK1 is the continuation of the epic The Song of the Spheres.

Thales, the bard must be able to find the seven notes of the Song of the Spheres, and with his magic harp, make it sound again on Earth. This is the only way to prevent Kroll, the Monster of Silence, continue to rule humans with his selfishness.

The boy knows that he can only be successful in his mission with the help of his friends. But he will be able to honor this friendship? His friends will be able to do that? Thaleswill be able to fulfill his mission? In AK1, you will know.


LDTS - The Singles - Remix at the aim of randomness

From Top:

"A cold wind blows from the North this spring without flowers in the Southern Hemisphere, while a placid silence settles around. Past, present and future merge as Time dissolves. The target ,mobile, is based on instinct. Breathes fear  and exhales courage. Intuition attentive, reaction holds. Dreary feeling that nurtures the soul. While the heart does the samba in the random compass of life.

Is the aim!"

From Low:

The track LDTS - The Singles was released in 2008, in an EP of remixes of the debut album of HI-BRAZIL, Let's do the Samba!. More than 32,000 people have watched the video for the original song that gives name to the album, which can be watched on the channel that the trio of artists holds on YouTube. And which now, in 2011, will host a visual version of this remix.

Just click on the image below and have a nice trip!


Don't Give Up! Prophecy

Forget to be!
getting Earth.

Birth of lie!
A bird in fly.
She is
coming Earth.

Her hair is on!
Her fair gone.
burning Earth.

Coach of frogs!
Barking dogs.
shaming Earth.

The light, so cold!
A trap in gold.
blowing Earth.

Chained in fear!
The dark bears.
trembling Earth.

Let's multiply!
Shall let you die.
seeing Earth.

One is one
Two is two
Could you know
That all is true?

Three is three
Four is four
Should let you know
That time is forth?