Let's do the Samba! Official Release

Hello, guys! We are very proud to present to you the debut album from HI-BRAZIL, Let's do the Samba! Released under a Creative Commons licence, it means you can listen, download record and SHARE freely the songs and videos, for many times you want it. Just click on the picture to access the HI-BRAZIL downloading homepage. As a bonus, we offer a brand new video clip for the tune Putz! You can listen the songs and watch the videos directly from the site or download the zip archive, that includes all the songs and 3 videoclips. Thank you all for the support and kindness along the last three months of preparation. So...it's time to...Let's do the Samba!!!


Gargântula is a musical gem?

Ualluh! Once again, the kindness of MuzicHunter, from mp34U, has no limits...See what he said about Gargântula, after taking off the headphones:

"Irradiated meats come to life, dancing with ghosts of polar bears and genetically modified tomatoes that talk. McNewscasters gawk bewildered as teleprompters run amok. Critters frolick to the psychedlic trance samba sounds of HI-BRAZIL".

Well, Mr MuzicHunter, it sounds like if a little bird had told you what's going on in our imagery laboratories right now...


Let's do the Samba! in China

There are some rumors on the net that the HI-BRAZIL bananas that are being shared around the Globe by our spacey rocket had grew in soils of China, an oriental country where the fruit are known as "killer banana", since an another rumor spread all over the net, about a dangerous virus planted on the core of the fruits. Well, we have to say that it's a misunderstood! Our bananas are Nature-growing old style, open to adapt theirselves to weather changes, hungry insects or beautiful colony of fungi.

Let's do the Samba! at Holland shores

Well...the Nature-made propaganda to promote the 666 rmx videoclip for Let's do the Samba! seem to be working well. Last week, the HI-BRAZIL rocket dropped down thousands of bananas over two Dutch North Sea islands. A half-mile stretch of beach on Terschelling island, 70 miles north of Amsterdam, was littered with bunches of unripe fruit, Buren said. Bananas also washed up on neighboring Ameland island. "I think everybody on the island has a bunch now," said Gossen Buren, a shipping official at the local lighthouse.

Yes, Mr. Buren, we have bananas! We got plenty of them!!!


We were too far away...

...though, we came just in time to see the blessed gestures and feel the inner power of her at the sacred fire rites. Stay tuned! We will post many pictures and impressions of the wanderlustic adventure from 666 rmx.


the 1st view into the pit

...living detached from reality makes U feel that U don't exist. Up to this point we are entering the scenario where only the beauty exists. Earth, Wind, Water and Fire are preparing the most conscious part of our cells to a big change, a greater impact coming from the absolute will reach us soon...very soon!

Road impressions

At first sight, visualized by Google Earth, the path to the Curitiba's sacred stone pit seem to be full of nature's smiles. But the view on the road is very weird. From Peruíbe to the boarders of Paraná the ancient and native trees gave place to plantations and grass for the cows. The Araucaria trees simply disapeared. A sign from human's innocence and greed. "It's time to learn, earn, burn, it's time to go!", said a guy from 666 rmx, after throw out the window an empty banana peel. "It's organic!!!", he realize. "It's consciousness".


The 3 are at Curitiba right now

The lion, the bear and the leopard just arrived at Curitiba. The trip took 4h50 and was full of surprises. We were surrounded by bananas all the time. Hills and hills of banana plantations. Their eyes were so filled with it that they decided to stop at the road and buy some dozens. Is incredible how banana culture is strong in Brazil, besides not to be a brazilian fruit. It was taken by the portuguese and english people, and the natives and africans, as slaves, were the people that made it grown up.

stone pit 2 stone pit

Hello everybody! Right now the guys from 666 rmx are leaving Itaquitanduva quarry and putting their feet - and wheels - on the road right to another quarry in Curitiba, Brazil. Stay tuned to this epic adventure at The HI-BRAZIL Blog. One of the members from 666 rmx said 30 seconds ago, that it will be a trip full of love and surrounded by emotional landscapes...


Gargântula's 5.000 downloads late anniversary

Is with gratitude we announce that the gray scales from Gargântula are reaching many persons around the Globe. The tune is blowing candles for the 5.000 downloads late anniversary. Late because the time is running so fast, that right now 6.769 guys and girls computers could be in touch with this sincere brazilian extravaganza pythagorean bits! Let's do the cure?


Putz! for you all

Hello, guys! Putz!, a new tune from Let's do the Samba! digital album, can be downloaded for free at internet archive. People from Hi-Brazil says it's about the claustrophobic sensation of being surrounded by fear, what produces an ecstatic reaction. Then, when the pressure reaches it maximus, the inner locomotive burns all the interior trash fear brings to suffocate the soul and the steam is released. And you feel like you had comeback from an abduction experience or something, commanded by some big force, a powerful strenght. And suddenly discover, with joy and relief, that you have been sleeping all the past time. And understand that from this moment on, you will be a human being, and not a hungry laboratory rat or a little frightened lamb stuck in a corral.


Let's do the Samba is a musical gem?

Well, at least is what MuzicHunter, from Mp34u, thinks about this main tune for Let's do the Samba album. Just click above to meet this little-sprinkle gem from Hi-Brazil and many other gems picked by this crazy listener. Thanks for the kindness, mister!


Hi-Brazil Gargântula's debut videoclip

It's done now! The videoclip for Gargântula is ready to be experienced. The collage art was made using frames of an old north-american animation, about an old colonialist message. And it seems to be like: "We will catch you by the fear". So, thanks to "pixelization" of the modern culture, we could modify this statement. We would like to thank Ms. Betty Boop and Mr. Bimbo for the excellent acting and comprehension. And the graceful spirit of the Internet who made this frame- and millions of another frames - free and shared for all through Creative Commons licenses.


Indieoma's friends

Ueeeeba! HI-BRAZIL pixels and bits are traveling the world...We have a new featured channel at Indieoma, a very cool cyber community for independent artists. We'd like to thank Bill Via for the kindness...There you can pick a treasure, a NEW TUNE for the album Let's do the Samba!


New videoclip for Gargântula

Olá, guys! HI-BRAZIL is working now at the video release from the tune Gargântula, from their debut album, Let's do the Samba!. The track was recorded at the beginning of the winter in south hemisphere (june), and released at august, reaching 4.097 downloads in 20 days at internet archive. And the counter is growing fast!

"The frighten overlaying vocals were recorded in one single take. The lyrics start to pull out of my throat like little spiders or something, while the pulsing beats of the drums keep boombing inside my head", says Maurício. "I was thinking that day about this tendency of most of humans to minimize important questions like global warm, extreme poverty or large consume of dangerous medicine and modified food...and, by other side, give larger importance to the celebrity news or police and terrorism stuff. That's why this minimal-samba-trance-calypso came out, to talk about the inner power we have to cure ourselves and overcome all this fear, sickness and madness caused by modern civilization".

Framed by

Olhar Digital


Six Feet Under - new remix

hi guys there's a N U rmx from the 6 ft. under , from Thomas Newman, by 666 rmx.

Come back soon to get the torrent...

Or just click to download the track.

Visually reviewed by


Let's do the Samba!

This is the cover from the single Let's do the Samba, debut album from Hi-Brazil. About the art, Mauricio Businari Says: "Living in a warm and hot brazilian island, with a strong sun over our heads, lead us to pour over the emotion of this contact, putting a watermelon pending on the neck or bananas over the head...".

The title-song is composed of elemental samples, loops and effects, waves of sounds collected by internet - like the birds that suddenly appears in the melody, composing an whistling ambient and creating a rhythm scene to the simple and repeating lyric composed and singed with some kind of strange jeer by Businari.

"I Composed this song in 2004, to be included as part of the DOT Project, which me and my partner, André Luiz Salibi, were working on. We collected sounds from Internet, via Google, and mixed up them at our portable studio (an Imac G3, 600 MHz, 1 GB SDRAM), using Garageband and Cubase as creating tools. With the cool tool, we could capture audio from most various sources, as universities, organizations and government project sites, and collect - in about six months - hundreds of WAVs and MP3s from most various sounds that run in waves around the Globe, starting with variations from whale's vocalic songs, till clicks and blips captured by scientists from the sound produced in the core of the Earth. About 14 songs were composed, but an error while making file's backup has deleted for ever the memories of this experience and made the same to the possibility of play some of more complexes of them again. But many funny stuff are prevailed to the pixels disappearing and this is one of them.

To listen and download the track now, you can click at the banner at the right, for just US$ 0,09, or just go visit the duo's isound site.


Gargântula III

We'd like to thank all brave listeners that tried our new tune, Gargântula, as a new sensitive experience. We had almost 100 plays of the tune in 48 hours at isound. We'd like to thank the listeners that looked for our track at Amiestreet and really had downloaded it for free. Now at the site you can buy it for $ 0,09 each download, supporting the work of our featured artists clicking at the banner on the right. Or you can download it for free at isound,


Gargântula II

Merry pixels to all! Gargântula now is featured by Amie Street, too. There, you can buy FOR FREE! Yes, FOR FREE the download of the song. Just click at the banner on the right.



Please, check out the new music from Hi-Brazil album, to be released late this year. It name is Gargântula and is about the lights of heal...Here is the translation:

the light that pulses into the throat
the light that heals, the light that guides
guides the soul into the darkness, into the empty
guides the soul to outside
shut up the mind and the body listens
shut up the mind and the body listens
Earth is hollow, Earth is hollow
And in the middle pulses the sun of the noon


Brazilian Nature II

This picture was taken in a saturday afternoon, in a walk trip to Itaquitanduva, an almost desert (from humans) beach in Praia Grande, at Southern Coast of Brazil. It is really known by the surf and reggae people and this flower from Mata Atlântica grown at the way, sparking a delicate but profound aroma and making a living corridor connecting the reality from city with the wild scream of nature beauty.

Brazilian Nature

Andre Luiz Salibi is a visual artist. He is a nature son in heart and like to do photographs, digital arts, write pamphlets and books, imagine things and sleep with his kitty Luna under the blanket of his office at a winter's cold sunday.


Salman Ahmad's contest

Salman Ahmad was a founding member of Junoon, a South Asian Band. Salman was appointed U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS. He personalized the "I Care, Do You?" U.N. poster campaign in Pakistan by taking the well-know verse of the Koran about reverence for human life and paraphrasing it to say: "Saving one life (from Aids) is like saving the whole of humanity". He is a doctor by graduation, but he decided "to give up his sthetoscope and pick up his guitar", like said this presentation at ccMixter.
Still about ccMixter, Salman released a contest for remixes of the Natchoongi song. And one of our featured artists, Maurício Businari, is taking part of it. Hear the mp3 archive:

Do you want to produce your own remix? There's still time...the competition goes on until next day 31. More informations at ccMixter, where you can listen to all remixes from participants.


This poetry-based song of .D.O.T. duo is about relationships and the thousands tones of voices that keep moaning and yellowing inside us. It's like those times when you think that you are not really inside yourself...Try it.

P.S.: the lyrics are in portuguese!

Dowload now

A fada de vidro (The fairy of glass)

Mauricio Businari is an artist being, a brazilian one. He likes to take pictures and share them with people with opened eyes and hearts. Download this picture (1,8 MB) at Internet Archive. Contact the artist clicking here.


Welcome to our blog. Here you find some images, texts and sounds produced by our featured artists. Feel free to see, hear and read some of these experiences. Enjoy!

The Hi-Brazil Blogger.