LDTS the singles...pick a cover!

Now you can download the new cover arts for LDTS the singles. They are in number of four: blue, green, yellow and red. And each one represents one particularity of the whole conjuration. Pick one and chose the song of LDTS the singles you think it represents better. Click on each cover and you will discover the default HI-BRAZIL's combination. You can create new combinations, and reinvent the art...

You can pick the full cover arts at internet archive...

LDTS The Singles at youtube

Hello, friends. Now you can listen, while you surf at youtube, the HI-BRAZIL new charm, LTDS The Singles (2008). The sound is monaural, but we hope the site will improve the sound of uploaded videos soon. You can check all of our videos, online, at our channel. If you wanna see them freely with better quality of audio and video, go to our homepage.


LDTS the singles

With the skyline opening between death and life, we present to you the HI-BRAZIL's new enchantment:

Click on the cover to access the singles

track list:

1) Let's do the Samba! the single
2) Venha dançar o samba
3) Maghma the single (video edit)
4) Gargântula the single

The lyrics can be read right from the itunes viewer, they're write on the file...or soon here and at our homepage.

Less than 24 hours to Let's do the Samba! first single release!!!

Hi, pals! We are very excited about the release of the Let's do the Samba! first single. We know that will be four songs in this work, one of them entirely new! It will be sing in portuguese and will tell about Omolu, hunger and sugar cane. The other three are remixes of songs from Let's do the Samba! album. Gargântula, that reached 9.000 downloads at Internet Archive is one of them...

Set your clocks...The release of the single will happen today (may, 1th). Check our blog soon for the new stuff!