"Listen to Pindorama" Campaign

Hello friends!

We've started today, in our social media, a series of special posts idealised for the "Listen to Pindorama" Campaign. The first of the series we are posting here for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Do as Mr. Gilberto. Listen to Pindorama!!!


"O muro" music video is just released

"A wall is a solid structure used to separate or protect any room."

Source: Wikipedia.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the new HI-BRAZIL's music video, created for the track "O muro" (The wall), composed for the album "Pindorama", released last November. Both the video and the full album can be heard and downloaded for free and without sharing limits, thanks to the use of flexible licenses offered by Creative Commons organization.

And you? How many walls you've dropped - or raised - today?

"O Muro"
Álbum: "Pindorama"


New year, new music video

2015 arrived and we welcome the new year with a new music video. "The wall" is track #6 on the album "Pindorama", released in November, and it was chosen for this work. The song talks about the Oblivious that raises walls and the Consciousness that knocks them down, in cycles that repeat themselves. 

The music video will be released next week, on January 15, on our YouTube channel. Listen to "The Wall" on SoundCloud: