She will come...

It's Spring. The dry and warm air this Winter gave way to showers of hail covering the ground of the city with a white carpet of ice. After Epilogue announcing last spring, and Prologue, days before the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we're very pleased to share with you now, the initial moment of this new season.

Our adventure started four years ago, when the project The Song of the Spheres was born. Also in Spring, details about the story began to show up. And it tells about Thales, a boy who has a mission to find seven very special musical notes, which are hidden in different places on the Planet. With them, he can make the music of the Universe sound on Earth, by adjusting in this way, the natural forces that act upon us.

From the beginning, we knew that support Thales in his journey would not be easy. But our soul seemed prepared for the task. Furthermore, our intention was transformed. And so we begin to create the fantastic world of Bétula, Argon, Melíade and many other magical characters that accompany the boy on his mission.  The story was unfolding in a spontaneous, unplanned way. Then came the first notes on the keyboard ... the first song, the first arrangement ... the voices of the choir ...

As a result we had in 2009 the first volume of the saga, The Bard and the Ice Queen, and 14 songs written and produced for the soundtrack that accompanies the work. The songs are as addenda, appendices that complement the story. It is as if parts of the saga were told without the use of words, using only the physical resources of sound frequencies.

Four summers have passed and today we are completing the writing of the second volume of the story and producing new songs. Much has happened and much is yet to come. Change is inevitable. However, we still believe that there is time to reflect on what remains for the future.

We want the future as envisioned and written by someone in the apocalyptic texts of "sacred" books, where there's no salvation for anything? Or we want the future as well as Thales, giving us to dangerous missions to save life on Earth? How far does our desire for comfort?

Wait! We will soon have big news about this work.

Warmest greetings,

Maurício & André.


The portals between worlds are open. It's time to release Prólogo (Prologue)

Hello, friends!

The portals between worlds are open. It is Samhain night in the Southern Hemisphere, when the veil between the worlds rises to celebrate the death along with our ancestors, reminding us always that it is from death that life comes. And it is Beltane in the northern hemisphere, when the gates are opened to commemorate the union between God and Goddess, male and female, the creation of life in its fullness. 

In festive mood, we present to you the new video from HI-BRAZIL: Prologue. 

For the day comes when the desert sands
shall fill thy holy places
New faiths shall make a mock of all thy
holies, and centurion shall call unto centurion across
thy fortress walls...


In a desert, two friends gather to revere Nature. They scratch symbols on sandy soil and greet the spirits of the place. The landscape is lush, though it seems bleak. Nomads, they know some mysteries about life that there is born and dies every day.

Thousands of miles away, several colleagues gather to explore nature. They draw graphics on work boards and greet the bankers of the site. The atmosphere is stifling, though it seems comfortable. Sedentary, they know many mysteries about the money that there is counted and recounted every day.



Duality. If it could be expressed in one word, that word would be chosen by HI-BRAZIL to set the video for Prologue. Made specially for the release of the second volume of the saga The Song of the Spheres, the music will be part of the soundtrack of the work that is being created by the two artists.

"It may seem paradoxical to choose the word duality to express the prologue of a story," says Maurício Businari. "But it's exactly upon the balance of opposing forces that this work is based." 

When darkness and light are in balance, says Maurício, Nature shows itself creative, inspiring. But when something happens that endangers the harmony between them, the result is chaotic and destructive.

"Imagine you are among friends and is approached by strangers. They force you to drink a strange potion that turns you into a zombie. You then proceeds to do all the wants of strangers, forgetting forever your origins," says Maurício.

"It's like the story of Aladdin," added André Luiz Salibi. "Where the genie is imprisoned in a lamp by a black magician, that casts over him a curse. And he is forced to satisfy the desires of any person to possess it."

According to André, for the ancient people of the desert, the desires are flames that, lit by passions purely selfish, can cause terrible disasters. "In this video, we try to illustrate this issue, using excerpts from old films, produced in the 1950s, that are under Public Domain Licenses. They are interesting pictures, stories that intersect themselves and eventually go parallel, towards an unclear outcome."

Epilogue, the first video released by the duo to announce the second volume of The Song of the Spheres, refers to this outcome. Like Prolog, it can be seen on channel HI-BRAZIL on Youtube:


Project The Song of the Spheres

The project The Song of the Spheres was born of the HI-BRAZIL's need to create, through art, a record about the striking changes that are being operated in the terrestrial environment as a result of human selfishness. "And it is also as a survival manual," says Maurice. "A guide, a map to help us in finding the lost child within us."

The book tells the story of Thales, a boy born and raised in a large city on Earth, and his extraordinary adventure around the globe in search of the seven notes of the Song of the Spheres. This song is powerful, it is the union of the vibrations of the atoms of all living beings. And it is this song who keeps life in balance. But men, with their factories and cities, are reducing very quickly the frequency range of this music.

At the request of Bétula, The Lady of The Icy Lands and connoisseur of ancient mysteries, Thales agrees to participate in the long and perilous journey in search of musical notes with which he can make sound again, with a harp whose strings are made of light, the Song of the Spheres .

"The book was born because of that desire that we both had to go around, leaving the past behind, venturing ourselves into risky missions to save the Earth," concludes Andrew.

The saga is divided into two volumes. The first, The Bard and the Queen of Ice, is originally written in Portuguese and is available for download at the duo's site, along with the soundtrack, also created and produced by HI-BRAZIL:


The second volume of the series is being produced and will be released in December this year (2010).


The beginning can be the end... it's all a matter of points


Hello, friends! What was one, then two and after that, three, became two again. And in its dual expression of Nature! Two lives in cohesion, souls going to the core. "Down the staircase, I found gravity's warmth", says Maurício Businari, from HI-BRAZIL. "It is the kind of thing you discover when you start to dig deep the dry sands of a desert. You can find a skull, a scorpion or even a beautiful and rare flower. If you find the second, you have protein. The third one, connection with Nature and, the first one, a good snare".

Maurício says that this kind of experience is like "those moments when you are in the middle of a fucking nightmare and feels that you are alone, even surrounded by thousands of people, no one will see you or help you, because they can't listen to what you are saying. You just try to shake your arms and hands, scream at them, but their ears just can't receive the frequencies...That's why - maybe - the third vertice of the triangle supposed for an instance to be itself the point in the middle. So this geometric figure has been changed and first of all it assumed a form of a line between two points, but now it is proved to be a circle". 


HI-BRAZIL is now going to re-set their clocks to the moon and is receiving showers of inspirational sonorous and pictorial artistic references. The Brazilian duo is now working on the second book of the saga The Song of the Spheres. "While most of turtles insist to keep their swollen bodies into their shells, a bunch of butterflies fly straight to the light of the sun...In their aerial march, they touch with gentleness the ionosphere around the cities. 

What an harp have in common with the arid scenario of a desert? Thales, our young and courageous hero, is going to discover it. And you will, too, soon. "That's why we are working too in a videoclip for the second soundtrack album, that will be released later this year, altogether with the book", Explains André Luiz Salibi, beginning his speech and conducting this post to its end. "All stories are sectioned by acts, by moments. We released Epílogo first. So we will be - in the next days - ready to release another important part of it".

"In the next days", says André...So, keep tuned! This will be around you soon!