LDTS - The Singles - Remix at the aim of randomness

From Top:

"A cold wind blows from the North this spring without flowers in the Southern Hemisphere, while a placid silence settles around. Past, present and future merge as Time dissolves. The target ,mobile, is based on instinct. Breathes fear  and exhales courage. Intuition attentive, reaction holds. Dreary feeling that nurtures the soul. While the heart does the samba in the random compass of life.

Is the aim!"

From Low:

The track LDTS - The Singles was released in 2008, in an EP of remixes of the debut album of HI-BRAZIL, Let's do the Samba!. More than 32,000 people have watched the video for the original song that gives name to the album, which can be watched on the channel that the trio of artists holds on YouTube. And which now, in 2011, will host a visual version of this remix.

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Don't Give Up! Prophecy

Forget to be!
getting Earth.

Birth of lie!
A bird in fly.
She is
coming Earth.

Her hair is on!
Her fair gone.
burning Earth.

Coach of frogs!
Barking dogs.
shaming Earth.

The light, so cold!
A trap in gold.
blowing Earth.

Chained in fear!
The dark bears.
trembling Earth.

Let's multiply!
Shall let you die.
seeing Earth.

One is one
Two is two
Could you know
That all is true?

Three is three
Four is four
Should let you know
That time is forth?