Earth Intruders - Björk's art revisited by 666 rmx

Hello, amigos! The pleasure is all ours to present to you the new remix from Björk's Earth Intruders, made by 666 rmx crazy but creative guys...In this piece, they used only Björk's voice lead track, and added all other stuff, like the brass section, composed specially for the tune.

"It was funny, because we wanted give to this powerful music a different approach. The original is so definitive that we had to rebuild everything. But we think that the final results achieve a higher ground on this remix, when we found a delicate bridge between Ying and Yang of the song", said "the bear", one of the 666 rmx members. "The creature captured here in this art is found everywhere", said "the lion", another group's member, referring himself to the cover art of this remix. "So, let's move on! It's time to grind the skeptics into the soil!!!", agrees "the leopard", with Björk' statment.

P.S.: This remix doesn't have any commercial purpose. It's a tribute to the artist and her art.


The Leopard said...

The leopard says: " It's time to grind the skeptics into the soil !! " Yes it is, and Bjork is somehow leading the big mass of inteligent beeings through that awful and noir sensation of beeing an earth creature nowadays. When we last met, she said "U are so far away!!", and now I agree, yes we are my dear, very far away from it.. But, there's always hope bilbo, always. Just dont u all forget.. "Dont let them do that to u!" Make ur stamp, ur flag, ur music, urslef. Be free. Tnks B, for writing and singing just what really matters, and u two the bear and the lion are simply the best.. let's keep going..

The Leopard.s

Erik Schuurman said...

Nice !!!