Maghma and the earthquake

Good day!

The release of Maghma music video, at brazilian indians day (celebrated seven days ago), was marked by the april, 22 São Vicente earthquake. The april, 22 is a very important date in our country. In 1500, at the same date, the portuguese caravels had come to Brazil. Bringing to the indians all sort of addictions, plagues, diseases and wounds made by fire guns. And to the Earth, big, big scars made by precious stones and gold mining. And, by the other side, bringing to the "discovered" savage lands of Brazil some progress and very comfortable stuff for most of civilized humans, like religion, electricity, cars and pollution. Nowadays the Atlantic Forest, one of the most beautiful and diverse of our hemisphere, is practically dead. Remains less than 3% from entire vegetation and fauna. Many mountains of São Paulo south coast are covered by banana trees. There's no native vegetation anymore. And the natives... well, they are almost totally dead, too. The federal government made the lands demarcation for some tribes but the business men want to take it all! Killing the indians and putting down the trees to plant sugar canes, soybeans and grass for the cows...May this earthquake can be a signal to make us stop for a moment and think about it. We are very solidary to the people injured during this natural event and would like to say that is still hope...if we'd really believe that we can change the world!



Maghma music video is about indians, technology and hope

For you, we present the new video made by 666 rmx for the Maghma tune, from Let's do the Samba! album. It's an extended and brand new version of the song, with some kinda of "voodoo-western trance" in the middle. The word Nhacunhé is a gibberish improvised by Mauricio at first vocal recording takes and this is how it remained at this version. "It's a scream, a war scream", says Mauricio, from HI-BRAZIL.

"It's like, you know, we are indians, our country is the Planet Earth, our tribe is humanity and our religion is the Nature. So, we can't stand anymore with your commandments and stuff and we will spread our scream", explains, with a grin. "There are these genetics stuff, too, that was on my mind on the moment of the recording. They are collecting blood from natives across the world and getting it for themselves through the patents they are requiring over all that genetic information. Because they discovered that native americans has a "particular" genetic code, a very ancient one... The appropriation of all this creation codes is part from Genoma Project".

Meanwhile, at São Vicente, described by Wikipedia as the first Portuguese permanent settlement in the Americas and the first capital of the Captaincy of São Vicente, now the state of São Paulo, there are a tribe of natives that reconquered the right to live at Paranapuã Beach. But the place is an ecological reserve and the native people can't do fish, plant or hunt in the area. So, they are surviving collecting rests of fruits and verdures in open-air markets or then receiving basic nutritional food from the mayor of the city. Now they are involved in cases of alcoholism, violence and suicides. They want to come back to Nature. But the white man don't. And will not give permission to them for it.

São Vicente was established as a proper village in 1532 by Martim Afonso de Sousa on what was then the Porto dos Escravos (port of the slaves), operated by three Portuguese colonists who trafficked on slaves captured by allied tribes, São Vicente is titled Cellula Mater (Mother Cell) of Brazil for being the first organized town in the country. The first City Council of all the Americas was democratically elected and established in São Vicente on August 22, 1532.

So, it's what we had to say at Indians Day. It's time for independence. There's still hope...We'd like to thank the actress, Rosa, for her love and confidence.



Maghma music video at the Indians Day

Hello, friends! The 666 rmx and HI-BRAZIL boys are working hard on production of their new video for the tune Maghma, from Let's do the Samba! album. The music received a brand new extended version and the piece will participate on the Video Indio Brasil 2008 contest, that begins at may, 24. The release of the video will happen at april, 19, a special date for real brazilian people, when we celebrate the Indians Day. You can watch the video at our homepage or our youtube channel.

The storyplay tells about a little indian girl forced to live between captives of a farm in Amazonic Forest. In her pre-adolescence, she was taken away by a couple of colons whose wish was to try better luck at some big city and she knows for the first time the horrors and sadness of the "civilized" way of life. She learned new things, forgot many others. But, in her interior, still was that little simple girl that could know by heart the flavor of juicy fruits taken right of the branches of the trees, and the secrets of the healing herbs.

The years gone by and Rosa, this way called by the couple that "adopted" her, had joined - not without some struggle - to the new reality that was revealed. She get married, had children and grandchildren and, as a modern and urban woman, started to live surrounded by electronic machines and technological gadgets. And then she felt solitude. Laptops, ipods, monitors and cellulars became her new companions and to them she gave the names that she used to call the little forest animals that sometimes did come to play with her, during the happy years living on farm.

A certain day, while she was preparing a special herbs infusion, known only by her, she received an unexpected video chat call. Curious and fearless, she accepted the invite to chat with the mysterious guy that was waiting at the other side of the liquid crystal screen of her laptop. From this moment on, her life would be change in a radical way once more. And, this time, for ever...