Autumn leaves........ Rosetta is coming!

autumn leaves, yes!! even here you might see the slow kiss of the winter

bringing the direction straight to rosetta.

new video will be released soon!
and some goodies too :P

666rmx :.

p.s.: ctrl+click to save the desktop :)


ANNA-LYS said...

Lovely light in that photo!
Can't hear the music on Your site, but I will fix it somehow.
I like Your music.

(( abraço ))

Ana-Luz ;-)

ANNA-LYS said...

Ohhh I am listening, and listening, and the waves travels across the seas to the North of North !!
Thank You!

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You Mau for the input upon "presence" I have made an comment upon Your thinking, at my blog.

(( abraco ))

The Hi-Brazilian Blogger said...

Anna-Lys. The photo was taken by Andre, in a warm afternoon, with the sun getting down behind the mountains of Xixova and Barbosas, near Itaquitanduva, at São Vicente city, São Paulo State, Brazil. In the middle of the photo, between the two mountains, there's a bridge, a pensile one, over the Atlantic Sea. In that point, the island of São Vicente, on the right side of the image, is interconnected with the continent. That vegetation you see behind those "skycrappers" is the remaining of Atlantic Forest into the urbanity.

Thank you for your words and gentleness. We are perceiving about the net that even when you don't know someone personally, in a present presence, you can imagine and feel the soul behind the pixels or bites...it's like when you read an emotional letter addressed to someone else, but even then you become emotional, too. You don't have to know the people involved with that words to start imagining all sort of emotions behind those words. So, don't matter the messenger, but the message that he carries. In this case, she...or you...Your messages fill us with hope and give us effort to continue our conscious artistic path...I feel that we are sailors, but with parrots over our shoulders...

A warmth hi-brazilian embrace,


ann said...

nice photo there

The Hi-Brazilian Blogger said...

Thank you very much, ann!!! Welcome to the lands of HI-BRAZIL. The photo was taken by Andre, one of our members. He is a visual designer. This place is called Gonzaguinha Beach, in São Vicente Island, surrounded by Atlantic Forest (or the remaining of it) by one side and the Atlantic Sea by another. The pensile bridge you see is called Ponte Pensil. São Vicente was the first village founded by portuguese people that colonized Brazil (1534). But there are historians that say that our country was visited by vikings much time before the obscurant times of Navigations Era.

Come to visit us more times! It will be a pleasure! And don't forget to download our album. Is free...


Merry pixels!