The Song of the Spheres

Good morning! Now that a new Spring is coming rainy and freezing here, at South Hemisphere, we have the pleasure to announce HI-BRAZIL is working at a new musical and literary epic, called A Canção das Esferas (Song of the Spheres is the english title suggested...). The first volume of the story will be released soon, and it tells about a boy, a harp, his love for the Earth and his courage to change the world. HI-BRAZIL is finishing the mastering of the first album, that will be released together with the book.

"Andre and I started to write the book and the tunes of the soundtrack about three years ago", explains Mauricio, from HI-BRAZIL. "But in an organic way, you know? Sometimes the story appeared first, sometimes the melodies of the tunes. Like an incredible puzzle of literary phrases and musical notes. And only now we could fix all the pieces of this first volume. And we are preparing the enchantment that will bring this magic to you".

The first volume of this saga - The Bard and the Lady of Ice, features our hero, Thales ,a 12 years old boy, and his mission to find and make sound seven special notes of this ethereal song, that are hidden in seven different places of the planet, protected by seven powerful guardians. This is the only way to stop Kroll, the terrible Monster of Silence, that is convincing humanity, through the art of illusion, that the music of whole Nature must be silenced until the total emptiness. What means the end for all living beings, including humans. For this challenge, he counts with the help of fantastic beings and good new friends, that will teach him about Nature and its mysteries.

"For many centuries we were conditioned to live out of Nature, although we are indissoluble part of it. Thales is an urban boy, like millions of others, that are somewhere, around the globe, living in little apartments, going to school, doing sports, playing guitar... a typical child that you and I were too, in some point of our lives, with all that curiosity, intuition and sincerity. A moment in your life when your neurons can act more on the right side of the brain, giving you a lack of extra creative power...But, with the time, tutored by the modern educational systems, we learnt that we have to stop dreaming, we have to be put in some place that others choose for us, and then work for them and make money to pay taxes. So, I could tell you that I believe humans are forgetting this wonderful capacity of being natural. But, in some way, it's still there inside...like the notes of the Song of the Spheres".


A Canção das Esferas will be released under a Creative Commons license, what means you'll can read, listen, discuss, borough, offer as a gift for your beloved ones, or everything that don't include profit on it. The collaborative spirit surrounds the intention of this piece and the list of collaborators is growing.

Stay tuned! Soon we'll post fresh news about this project.

A happy Spring for the "Southers" and a beautiful Autumn for the "Northers"...