Gran Finale

In the beginning there was nothing
From nothing the everything exploded
Displacement of waves
Navigation, however
Cosmo, aspiration
With wings took ​​the heavens
Pursued the king of stars
Behind, the bread and the circus
And the islanders
The sun swallows him
And, in the end,
Smiling ...

Cantor Convidado/Featuring: Fábio Alves



The boy, the kite and the rainbow

On a beach not far away, a boy tilts his kite
He ran from one side to another, trying to keep the kite on foot
Around him, distant people, a world with no color
There were buildings on one side and, on the other, the ocean
All gray
Against Blue
When among the clouds was made something
Kite turned aim
Then he saw the colors, tearing the sky in a tone of love
He looked at the kite and realized
That it was tilting backwards.