She will come...

It's Spring. The dry and warm air this Winter gave way to showers of hail covering the ground of the city with a white carpet of ice. After Epilogue announcing last spring, and Prologue, days before the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we're very pleased to share with you now, the initial moment of this new season.

Our adventure started four years ago, when the project The Song of the Spheres was born. Also in Spring, details about the story began to show up. And it tells about Thales, a boy who has a mission to find seven very special musical notes, which are hidden in different places on the Planet. With them, he can make the music of the Universe sound on Earth, by adjusting in this way, the natural forces that act upon us.

From the beginning, we knew that support Thales in his journey would not be easy. But our soul seemed prepared for the task. Furthermore, our intention was transformed. And so we begin to create the fantastic world of Bétula, Argon, Melíade and many other magical characters that accompany the boy on his mission.  The story was unfolding in a spontaneous, unplanned way. Then came the first notes on the keyboard ... the first song, the first arrangement ... the voices of the choir ...

As a result we had in 2009 the first volume of the saga, The Bard and the Ice Queen, and 14 songs written and produced for the soundtrack that accompanies the work. The songs are as addenda, appendices that complement the story. It is as if parts of the saga were told without the use of words, using only the physical resources of sound frequencies.

Four summers have passed and today we are completing the writing of the second volume of the story and producing new songs. Much has happened and much is yet to come. Change is inevitable. However, we still believe that there is time to reflect on what remains for the future.

We want the future as envisioned and written by someone in the apocalyptic texts of "sacred" books, where there's no salvation for anything? Or we want the future as well as Thales, giving us to dangerous missions to save life on Earth? How far does our desire for comfort?

Wait! We will soon have big news about this work.

Warmest greetings,

Maurício & André.


Faysal said...

"She will come" of course!
greeting from biggest delta on earth.

The Hi-Brazilian Blogger said...

Thank you for coming from so far! I hope you did a great travel!!! And I wish you a great regress! The doors of the imaginary world of HI-BRAZIL will be always open to travelers as you, Faysal!

In search of the truth, we found ourselves mirrored on the water of the Ganja!

Peace...and consciousness!


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Anonymous said...

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