New videoclip for Gargântula

Olá, guys! HI-BRAZIL is working now at the video release from the tune Gargântula, from their debut album, Let's do the Samba!. The track was recorded at the beginning of the winter in south hemisphere (june), and released at august, reaching 4.097 downloads in 20 days at internet archive. And the counter is growing fast!

"The frighten overlaying vocals were recorded in one single take. The lyrics start to pull out of my throat like little spiders or something, while the pulsing beats of the drums keep boombing inside my head", says Maurício. "I was thinking that day about this tendency of most of humans to minimize important questions like global warm, extreme poverty or large consume of dangerous medicine and modified food...and, by other side, give larger importance to the celebrity news or police and terrorism stuff. That's why this minimal-samba-trance-calypso came out, to talk about the inner power we have to cure ourselves and overcome all this fear, sickness and madness caused by modern civilization".

Framed by

Olhar Digital

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