Let's do the Samba!

This is the cover from the single Let's do the Samba, debut album from Hi-Brazil. About the art, Mauricio Businari Says: "Living in a warm and hot brazilian island, with a strong sun over our heads, lead us to pour over the emotion of this contact, putting a watermelon pending on the neck or bananas over the head...".

The title-song is composed of elemental samples, loops and effects, waves of sounds collected by internet - like the birds that suddenly appears in the melody, composing an whistling ambient and creating a rhythm scene to the simple and repeating lyric composed and singed with some kind of strange jeer by Businari.

"I Composed this song in 2004, to be included as part of the DOT Project, which me and my partner, André Luiz Salibi, were working on. We collected sounds from Internet, via Google, and mixed up them at our portable studio (an Imac G3, 600 MHz, 1 GB SDRAM), using Garageband and Cubase as creating tools. With the cool tool, we could capture audio from most various sources, as universities, organizations and government project sites, and collect - in about six months - hundreds of WAVs and MP3s from most various sounds that run in waves around the Globe, starting with variations from whale's vocalic songs, till clicks and blips captured by scientists from the sound produced in the core of the Earth. About 14 songs were composed, but an error while making file's backup has deleted for ever the memories of this experience and made the same to the possibility of play some of more complexes of them again. But many funny stuff are prevailed to the pixels disappearing and this is one of them.

To listen and download the track now, you can click at the banner at the right, for just US$ 0,09, or just go visit the duo's isound site.

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