Dr Remy: new collaborative remix with HI-BRAZIL, lubzi and David Bradley

Hi, friends! If you missed DrRemy's Collaboration Weekly Music Celebration, it's time to try it. Below is a transcription of what DrRemy wrote about this set in her BLOG. Enjoy!


This music set is a collaboration with @sciencebase, David Bradley, @Lubzi and @Businari, Mauricio.

I opened the set with (@sciencebase) David’s Here Comes the Sun mixed with (@Businari) Businari’s Baal from Hi-Brazil Soundtrack from the epic book The Song of the Spheres, Vol.1, The Bard and the Queen Of Ice. http://homepage.mac.com/hibrazil/bardo1_index.html (details of the Legend)
This represents sunrise on our planet earth, Gaia.

Next I mixed rectus limbus from Businari’s Hi-Brazil Let’s Do the Samba: http://homepage.mac.com/hibrazil/ldts_index.html (for details) as this represents the sunrise has now warmed our earth.

I picked Babak and transition to (@Lubzi) Lubzi’s Braham. This represents that we, as human race, have set up way of life that resonates our higher self. According to Lubzi’s Braham: is Braham Lincoln, as is also Abraham, the ‘father’ of the Jews and Arabs: The Wise Father as is Abraham Lincoln: The Government of the People.

I like the fact that Lubzi’s piece represents both the Arabs and the Jews as one, connecting by Abraham. It is wise of her to do so in this fashion of music and speech combined.

Again from David’s Sunrise to warm the earth by Businari’s pieces and closing with Lubzi’s Braham as Abraham to Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

What talented friends I have. Thank you David, Mauricio and Lubzi….. You have honored me much!


We'd like to thank DrRemy (@DrRemy on Twitter), @lubzi and David Bradley (aka @sciencebase) for such love and energy!

Collaboration Nov 6 2009 Final by DrRemy


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I love the thought behind your collaboration! Have a great weekend :)

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cool post. thanks for sharing.

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Thank you, Rosidah! :-D

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Hi, Jeeboom! Thank you! You are welcome!

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