Epílogo (Epilogue): The new HI-BRAZIL single will be released in a few days

This picture, by Tor Even Mathiessen, was published under a Creative Commons license

The Earth's climate is changing. Our impact on the environment is indisputable: global warming and global dimming, Codex Alimentarius, genetic manipulation, genocide. Kroll, the terrible monster of silence, will be victorious in his mission to convince humans to silence the Song of the Spheres? To destroy all forms of life on the planet? Thales will be able to find the seven notes of the song? Will he be able to make it sound again, reversing the evil that Kroll spread over this world? Four notes have been found. Other three are still missing. Thales does not think about quitting, but he does not know the adventures that await him in the rescue of the remaining notes will be even more dangerous ...

The second volume of The Song of the Spheres - Urda, the elder from Sands of Time is already being realized by the staff of HI-BRAZIL, as well as the soundtrack. The first part of the epic, The Bard and the Ice Queen is available for download at the site of the trio, who currently works at a special surprise in celebration of the Spring/Autumn Equinox. This is Epílogo (Epilogue), the first single from The Song of the Spheres. The video, with 5 minutes, includes excerpts from films produced by artists around the world, who kindly gave their works to the collective collaboration, under Creative Commons licenses. Stay tuned, because in a few days we will post here on the blog a link to Epílogo (Epilogue).

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