While the Winter is runing high & dry down here at South Atlantic, HI-BRAZIL and 666rmx guys get pleased with their last neoneural videomusical work. The word Mukha has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It means, accord to The Theosophical Glossary, written by Helena P. Blavatsky, mouth, face; voice, sound; direction; principle; way...

There's an old lady that lives with her daughter in a penthouse that overlooks the bay of a very fastidious town somewhere down the atlantic ocean.

Even in that grey rainy day she decides to put some sparkle in their lives taking a warm cup of coffee at the mall that stands just across the street. Nothing will interfere with her strong desire of exposing herself wearing those white and shining pair of shoes made to be just like the originals - italian made.

Her daughter, bored with herself and everything else, accepts the invitation. She wonders if the owner of the jewelry will finally pay attention on her new pair of boobs. So, despite of the rain and the cold outside, she decides to wear a minimal top over them.
Some minutes later they are all dressed up and ready to go off. They get all the windows and curtains closed, remote controlled obviously, before they take the elevator down to the basement.

Once they reach the floor, they walk talkative around those cars, all of them resembling to each other, and go straight to their huge and comfortable S.U.V.. The old lady starts the engine, shifts to "D" selection, then head to the exit.

Outside the heavy rain and the strong winds make the street a wild place to be. Her daughter lights a cigarrette while they drive safe and dry to the other side. Three minutes later they are parking into that huge mall, absolutely free of humidity on their moussed hair.

One more time, they think that they had deceived Nature...

The coffee is served. The old lady takes a sip, she's so delighted with that exotic taste...While her daughter keep looking at the high ceiling where the rain drops ooze against the glass panels of that modern building.