Gargântula is a musical gem?

Ualluh! Once again, the kindness of MuzicHunter, from mp34U, has no limits...See what he said about Gargântula, after taking off the headphones:

"Irradiated meats come to life, dancing with ghosts of polar bears and genetically modified tomatoes that talk. McNewscasters gawk bewildered as teleprompters run amok. Critters frolick to the psychedlic trance samba sounds of HI-BRAZIL".

Well, Mr MuzicHunter, it sounds like if a little bird had told you what's going on in our imagery laboratories right now...


Let's do the Samba! in China

There are some rumors on the net that the HI-BRAZIL bananas that are being shared around the Globe by our spacey rocket had grew in soils of China, an oriental country where the fruit are known as "killer banana", since an another rumor spread all over the net, about a dangerous virus planted on the core of the fruits. Well, we have to say that it's a misunderstood! Our bananas are Nature-growing old style, open to adapt theirselves to weather changes, hungry insects or beautiful colony of fungi.

Let's do the Samba! at Holland shores

Well...the Nature-made propaganda to promote the 666 rmx videoclip for Let's do the Samba! seem to be working well. Last week, the HI-BRAZIL rocket dropped down thousands of bananas over two Dutch North Sea islands. A half-mile stretch of beach on Terschelling island, 70 miles north of Amsterdam, was littered with bunches of unripe fruit, Buren said. Bananas also washed up on neighboring Ameland island. "I think everybody on the island has a bunch now," said Gossen Buren, a shipping official at the local lighthouse.

Yes, Mr. Buren, we have bananas! We got plenty of them!!!


We were too far away...

...though, we came just in time to see the blessed gestures and feel the inner power of her at the sacred fire rites. Stay tuned! We will post many pictures and impressions of the wanderlustic adventure from 666 rmx.