the 1st view into the pit

...living detached from reality makes U feel that U don't exist. Up to this point we are entering the scenario where only the beauty exists. Earth, Wind, Water and Fire are preparing the most conscious part of our cells to a big change, a greater impact coming from the absolute will reach us soon...very soon!

Road impressions

At first sight, visualized by Google Earth, the path to the Curitiba's sacred stone pit seem to be full of nature's smiles. But the view on the road is very weird. From Peruíbe to the boarders of Paraná the ancient and native trees gave place to plantations and grass for the cows. The Araucaria trees simply disapeared. A sign from human's innocence and greed. "It's time to learn, earn, burn, it's time to go!", said a guy from 666 rmx, after throw out the window an empty banana peel. "It's organic!!!", he realize. "It's consciousness".


The 3 are at Curitiba right now

The lion, the bear and the leopard just arrived at Curitiba. The trip took 4h50 and was full of surprises. We were surrounded by bananas all the time. Hills and hills of banana plantations. Their eyes were so filled with it that they decided to stop at the road and buy some dozens. Is incredible how banana culture is strong in Brazil, besides not to be a brazilian fruit. It was taken by the portuguese and english people, and the natives and africans, as slaves, were the people that made it grown up.

stone pit 2 stone pit

Hello everybody! Right now the guys from 666 rmx are leaving Itaquitanduva quarry and putting their feet - and wheels - on the road right to another quarry in Curitiba, Brazil. Stay tuned to this epic adventure at The HI-BRAZIL Blog. One of the members from 666 rmx said 30 seconds ago, that it will be a trip full of love and surrounded by emotional landscapes...


Gargântula's 5.000 downloads late anniversary

Is with gratitude we announce that the gray scales from Gargântula are reaching many persons around the Globe. The tune is blowing candles for the 5.000 downloads late anniversary. Late because the time is running so fast, that right now 6.769 guys and girls computers could be in touch with this sincere brazilian extravaganza pythagorean bits! Let's do the cure?


Putz! for you all

Hello, guys! Putz!, a new tune from Let's do the Samba! digital album, can be downloaded for free at internet archive. People from Hi-Brazil says it's about the claustrophobic sensation of being surrounded by fear, what produces an ecstatic reaction. Then, when the pressure reaches it maximus, the inner locomotive burns all the interior trash fear brings to suffocate the soul and the steam is released. And you feel like you had comeback from an abduction experience or something, commanded by some big force, a powerful strenght. And suddenly discover, with joy and relief, that you have been sleeping all the past time. And understand that from this moment on, you will be a human being, and not a hungry laboratory rat or a little frightened lamb stuck in a corral.


Let's do the Samba is a musical gem?

Well, at least is what MuzicHunter, from Mp34u, thinks about this main tune for Let's do the Samba album. Just click above to meet this little-sprinkle gem from Hi-Brazil and many other gems picked by this crazy listener. Thanks for the kindness, mister!