Gargântula III

We'd like to thank all brave listeners that tried our new tune, Gargântula, as a new sensitive experience. We had almost 100 plays of the tune in 48 hours at isound. We'd like to thank the listeners that looked for our track at Amiestreet and really had downloaded it for free. Now at the site you can buy it for $ 0,09 each download, supporting the work of our featured artists clicking at the banner on the right. Or you can download it for free at isound,


Gargântula II

Merry pixels to all! Gargântula now is featured by Amie Street, too. There, you can buy FOR FREE! Yes, FOR FREE the download of the song. Just click at the banner on the right.



Please, check out the new music from Hi-Brazil album, to be released late this year. It name is Gargântula and is about the lights of heal...Here is the translation:

the light that pulses into the throat
the light that heals, the light that guides
guides the soul into the darkness, into the empty
guides the soul to outside
shut up the mind and the body listens
shut up the mind and the body listens
Earth is hollow, Earth is hollow
And in the middle pulses the sun of the noon